une petite ballade au pays inconnu

une petite ballade au pays inconnu

Metal progressif

Helloween ( The best,the rest, the rare ) full album m/

Scorpions Greatest Ballads

Metallica - Best Ballads

Rock/Metal "Ballads"


Dark Moor - Vivaldi's Winter

Catharsis - Igni Et Ferro

Mythic Force - Requiem -

Progressive & Neo-Classical Metal

placebo mix

Insomnium - Across The Dark [Full Album]

Amaranthe - The Nexus

CALIBAN - We Are The Many

The Dillinger Escape Plan - ONE OF US IS THE KILLER

Netherbird - Elegance and Sin

LEGION OF THE DAMNED - Doom Priest | Napalm Records

Airbourne - Black dog barking

AFTER THE BURIAL - A Wolf Amongst Ravens

Creed - My Sacrifice (Video)

Constants - If tomorrow the war (2010)

Burning Rain - Made For Your Heart (Candlelight Version)

BATTLE BEAST - "Into The Heart Of Danger" (radio edit)


Cathedral "Tower of Silence" (OFFICIAL)

STARKILL - Sword,Spear,Blood,Fire (ALBUM TRACK)

Snakecharmer - Accident Prone (Official Video)

Don Broco - Priorities

Santiano [Mit den Gezeiten] - 04 Seemann

Kitty in a Casket - Bride of the Monster

Coldside This Is Our Time

Sevendust - Faithless

Innerbeauty - Terbakar Ilusi

Armored - Within My Lachrymal ( Band Symphonic Gothic Metal Bandung Indonesia )

The Ghost Inside - "Engine 45"


HARABALL - Well, That Passed

Bloodlights - Arms Around It


M-Pire Of Evil-Crucified-Taking It All

Supermachine - Buffalo

Primus: Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers

Vintersorg - Isjungfrun

Dear Euphoria - Coming down

Mudhoney - I Like It Small

Turbostaat Tut es doch weh - Stadt der Angst

Aethernaeum - Zur Mittwinternacht (Edit)

Hell Or Highwater - Gimme Love (high definition)

Gates of Pantheon, Club Millenium

Flotsam and Jetsam "Ugly Noise" (OFFICIAL)

Drowning Pool - "Anytime Anyplace"

death row accept

My Endless Wishes - feel you

Mike Tramp presents Cobblestone Street

Helloween - Ballads(2000)

jellybelly.... illusion dream

Our Last Song - Nox Interna (with lyrics)

Ewigheim - Der Bauer im Ruin

The Murder Of My Sweet - Fallen

Dark Princess - The Last Page

MONO INC. - After The War

General Lee - Overwhelming Truth

Hatred Heap - The Black Perfect Sun

Immortal Souls - Nuclear Winter

Iron Attack! - Firefly

Defiler - Nematocera

Asylum Pyre - Any Hypothesis

The Chant - The Black Corner

Archaios - Gathering the Silence

"Never Look Back" by The Nearly Deads

The Birthday Massacre - Kill the Lights

OBSCURITY - Fimbulwinter

Cauldron - Tomorrow's Lost (Sun Will Fall)

MOB RULES - Ice & Fire (2012)

Ten @ The Lights Go Down

Paragon - Iron Will

Autumn - Gallery of Reality

Slumber - Where Nothing Was Left

Ravenscry - Nobody (Official HD)

U.N.S.I.N. - Acid (Official Music Video - HD Quality)

SERENITY - The Chevalier (Official) feat. Ailyn (Sirenia)

Tyr - Regin Smidur

The Nearly Deads - Never Look Back

Nota Profana - Dragon´s Grail

AnsoticcA "I'm Alive" Official Music Video

Flowing Tears -The War We Left Behind

DarkPrincess- Stop My Heart (SUBTITULADO)


Krampus - Kronos Heritage [Survival of the Fittest]

Kilians - Dirty Love

I Spit Ashes - Cracks in the Mirror [HD]

Heretoir - Ausgeburt (2012)

Grave - Plague of Nations

Fortíð - Pagan Prophecies

EMERALD - "UNLEASHED" - Official Album Teaser

Eclipse (Samples Bleed And Scream 2012)


Dämmerfarben - Im Spätherbst

Dew-Scented "Sworn to Obey"

VERSUS THE WORLD - She Sang the Blues

BETONTOD - Entschuldigung für Nichts

While She Sleeps - This Is The Six

LOYALTY by Phillip Boa and the Voodooclub


Feed The Rhino - The Burning Sons (Official Music Video) HD

Evoken - Descent into Chaotic Dream

Dublin Death Patrol : Mind Sewn Shut

Dawnbringer - I

Liar - Riff Raff

Black Light Burns - The Moment You Realize You're Going To Fall

Witch Mountain - Wing of the Lord

Poison Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Palmchat - Checked For The Rest

Miss May I - Relentless Chaos (Video)

MirrorMaze - Earn your answers

Lykaion - Nothin' but death

Lit - "Same Shit, Different Drink" Lyric Video

Evocation - Feed the Fire

Ephel Duath - Insomnia's Desert

Deathspell Omega - Abrasive Swirling Murk

Cripper - Life Is Deadly

Joey Cape & Tony Sly International You Day With Lyrics

Bouncing Souls - Static

Blacklodge - Mission

23rd Grade of Evil What Will Remain When We Are Gone

garbage _blood for poppies

For all this Bloodshed - Black River City

FLATS - Never Again

End of September - Isolated

DZ Deathrays - "No Sleep"

De Profundis - Cease To Be

Save Me - Mistaken Element

Pennywise - "Alien" Epitaph Records

Prey For Nothing - Against All Good

hardsell - das ende

Candlemass - Solitude

Mekong Delta-Dance On A Volcano

His Statue Falls - Breathe In Breathe Out feat. Chuong Trinh (Official

Gory Blister - Earth Sick

Authority Zero - Revolution [Effects]

PRETTY MAIDS - A Merry Jingle

Zero Degree - Surreal World

Shinedown - Save Me (Video)

seven ends - salvation

All for Nothing - A matter of Choice

3 Inches Of Blood - Deadly Sinners

Mark Lanegan Band "The Gravedigger's Song"

Confession - THE LONG WAY HOME


Augrimmer - The Sad King Of Mankind (OFFICIAL)

Errana- She Courtier (Lullaby Version)

Soulslide - Into Despair

Temple Of Your Soul

Suicidal Angels - Moshing Crew (Lyrics)

GOD SEED "Teethgrinding" Live

El Caco - 2012 - Hatred, Love & Diagrams - 01 - After I'm Gone

Drakkar "Dragonheart"

Burning Streets - "You're Alive Today" Sailor's Grave Records

BATTLE BEAST - Enter The Metal World

The 11th Hour - Rain On Me ( lacrima mortis)

Haken - Insomnia

Cynic - Carbon-Based Anatomy

Xerosun - Cut Me Down

Lend Me A Hand ( promo track ) Persona Non Grata


Ecnephias ┼ ┼ ┼Ways Of Descention┼ ┼ ┼ (2010)

Lane Lothlorien - Face your demons After forever (concurso soulspell 2011

Akercocke - Leviathan HD

Divine - Disunion

Nachtblut - Hexe

Insomnium - Drawn To Black

Iron Mask - Black As Death [New Song]

Beggars & Thieves - We Come Undone (Official Video)

Alternative 4 - The Brink (preview)

Jakob - Everything All of the Time

Morning After (underworld)

Hawkwind - The Psychedelic Warlords

The Last Hangmen - The Hypocrit

Prey For Nothing - My Final Relapse (Official Video)

December Flower - Haunted By Horror

CHÄIRWALK - KISS (by Ken Hagen)

Bëehler - March of death

Dylath leen - Cabale - Last moments - cover

Lord of the Rings - Ensiferum: Into Battle

Eluveitie - "Inis Mona" (Braveheart)

Mastercastle Last Desire

Like Moths To Flames - Your Existence (Video)

King Kobra - Turn Up The Good (Times) (Official)

Heroes Del Silencio - Entre Dos Tierras

Dark The Suns - Unbroken Silence music video

Evergrey-"A Touch of Blessing"

Altaria - Unchain The Rain



Absu - Amy


Mystic Prophecy - Savage Souls

Mortal Sin - Lebanon

Mastercastle - SAKURA


Black Spiders - KISS Tried To Kill Me

Lahannya : Save Me [Dystopia]

TERHEN - What Truly Is Real

3,14... - Человеческий Фактор (Human Factor)

Draugsang - Seil På Skyggans Hav

Slumber - Rapture

Lethian Dreams - Requiem

Ghost Brigade - Into The Black Light

Black Sun Aeon - A song for this winter

Soul Seller - Wings Of Freedom

Zandelle _ Prophecy

We Are The In Crowd - Rumor Mill

Yellowcard - For You, And Your Denial

Paradise Inc. - The Recording Sessions

Orphaned Land - Ornaments Of Gold [HQ]

Night In Gales - Sylphlike

Mourning Caress - Panic

Lost Dreams - Fear Me

Farsot - Like Flakes Of Rust (edit)

Dying Humanity - Worth of Human Life

Clockwork Spirit | Sampler | Album Out In 28/10/2011

BLACK TUSK - "Embrace the Madness"

Archgoat - Blessed Vulva

Animals As Leaders - On Impulse

Against Me! - Cavalier Eternal

Insomnium - In The Groves of Death

Fishbone - Ma And Pa

Soulfallen - We Are The Sand

Tracedawn - Without Walls

Disease Illusion - Denied

Bitter Verses "resignation" @ Hidden Planet Studio Berlin

Archgoat - The Light - Devouring Darkness

Almah - Birds Of Prey

Alter Bridge - Metalingus

Almah - Trace of Trait - Official Video

The Sorrow - Saviour, Welcome Home

Anata - The Conductor's Departure

Axenstar--New Revelations

For My Pain... - Killing Romance

The Answer - Under The Sky (Official Video)

Threat Signal - As I Destruct (Ultraviolet)

Ozric Tentacles - Xingu

Junius - Forcing Out the Silence

Madina Lake - Welcome to Oblivion

Lydia's Gemstone - The Lunar Threnody

Alone - Jesus On Extasy

Griffar - Blessed in Lava

Evile - Cult

Northstar - Dark Forest

Dananananaykroyd - 'Black Wax'

Charred Walls of the Damned "Zerospan" (OFFICIAL)

BRUTAL TRUTH - "Dead Smart"

BRAINSTORM - 'All Those Words'

Binary Park - Worlds Collide - 06 - Fight Son

As You Drown "You Should Be Paranoid" (OFFICIAL)

Death Metal Muppets - Quarantine (Despised Icon cover)

Thrice - Silhouette

Thulcandra - 'Spirit of the Night'

Nightrage - The Tremor

Rose Funeral - Beyond The Entombed

Mr.Irish Bastard - This World

Betraying The Martyrs - Martyrs

MYRATH Empty World

Luna Luna - Wenn ich tot bin

Exmortus - War Gods

Holy Force

Thornium - Archetype of Death [HQ]

Staind Outside

Divided By Friday - Disappoint: Surprise

Cipher System - Repent

Blackened Sky - My Last Option(Demo2009)

Ekotren - Blackened Sky

The Anix - "Half The World Away" Official music video

Texas In July - "Hook, Line, & Sinner"

Breaking Benjamin - The Diary Of Jane

Entwine - Surrender

Charon - Little Angel

FullMoonChild - Dark Gift

Svenia - Death Is Waiting For Your Heart

darkwell: Realm Of Darkness


Gothic Angel2

LAKE OF TEARS - official clip "ILLWILL"

BRAINSTORM - Below The Line (2011) new Song // AFM Records

U.D.O. - Leatherhead (2011) - official clip

ACCEPT - Teutonic Terror


Quo Vadis - Silence Calls the Storm

Sylosis - Visions of Demise

Nothing for me here - Dope

Backyard Babies - Minus Celsius

The Way It Ends - Prototype

Anterior - Dead Divine

Arsis - The Face of my Innocence

Solitude Aeturnus - Scent Of Death

THIN LIZZY black rose

MyChildren MyBride - Terra Firma

Powerwolf - "We Drink Your Blood"

Broilers - »Harter Weg (Go!)«

Primordial Bloodied Yet Unbowed.(New Song 2011).

Waylander - Keen Of Knowledge

Manilla Road - The Deluge

There for Tomorrow // New iTunes single 'Hunt Hunt Hunt'

Pleasure Maker - What We Left Behind

The Head Cat - Lawdy Miss Clawdy

Der Weg einer Freiheit - Der stille Fluss

Deep Black Sees - Soul Freedom

THE CREVICES BELOW - A Grand Cavernous Awakening

consFEARacy - Death and Resurrection Show

consFEARacy - Death and Resurrection Show

End - Baring Teeth

The Bunny The Bear - Aisle

The Black Dahlia Murder "Moonlight Equilibrium" (OFFICIAL)

Figure of Six - Morning Star OFFICIAL VIDEOCLIP

Ribspreader - Dead Forever

Spirits of the Dead - White Lady / Black Rave

Black Stone Cherry - Things My Father Said

Elitist - "Caves"

The Dead Lay Waiting - The Days I'm Gone

Better Tomorrow - Last Goodbye

August Burns Red - Meddler

ABRUPTUM - In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo, In Aeternum In Triumpho

Spiritual Beggars - Coming Home.

Grand Magus - Hammer Of The North

Pennywise-One Reason

Lyr Drowning - To Faraway Coasts (feat. Seth Siro Anton from Septicflesh)

Tears of Martyr - Chasing The Sun

Gothica- Proserpina

Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer

Three Days Grace - Never Too Late

Admirabilis - Back where I belong

Omnium Gatherum - New World Shadows [New Song 2011]HQ

MERCYLESS - Abject Offerings


Iskald - I Lys av Mørket

Madball Heavenhell

Deadlock "The Brave/Agony Applause"

ELVENKING - The Divided Heart (2007)

Ektomorf - Last Fight

Cauldron 'All Or Nothing'

Echoes Of Eternity - Garden Of The Gods

Eisheilig - Dein Traum

Angeldark - Wolf

Benighted Soul - No Warning Signs

Benedictum Shell Shock


Battlelore - "Third Immortal"

Ava Inferi- The Living End (ONYX)

Angst Skvadron - Negativitetens Kveletak

Rise Against - Architects

Abysmal Dawn - Leveling the Plane of Existence - My Own Savior

AESTHESIA - Hoodoo Queen

OVERKILL - Bring Me The Night

Rings of Saturn - Seized And Devoured

Near Death Condition - In the Name of the Destructive Storm God.wmv

SYLOSIS - After Lifeless Years

Destroying Divinity - Name Written With Blood

Defeater - Cowardice

Dead Eyed Sleeper - Cage Of Immaturity

Assaulter - Between Gods and Men

The Sick Rose-The Octopus-Amplifier

Amagortis - Pleasure Chest

Alev - If We Ever

Adept - Grow Up Peter Pan

Across The Sun - The Ardent Optimist

Rise Against - Hero Of War

Unleashed - "Black Horizon"

War from a Harlots Mouth - To Age and Obsolete (Official Video)

Sum 41 - With Me

TESTAMENT - More Than Meets The Eye

the Sorrow - Knights of Doom

Rotting Christ - AEALO

Raven - Die Raben fliegen


Neaera - Spearheading The Spawn

ministry ..let's go

linoleum nofx

No Use For A Name - Redemption song

Milking The Goatmachine - Neckbreakers Ball 2011

Methods Of Mayhem - Fight Song

KRASHKARMA - Fall Asleep

King's X - ALONE

Keeper Of Dreams - Iron Discipline

Inhale Your Hate - Flames Of My Vendetta

Ill Nino - This Time's For Real

Horna: Kuoleva Lupaus

DAGOBA The Things Within

Exilia - can´t break me down

Evil Survives - Die like a Samurai

Evocation - Apocalyptic

DIVINE HERESY - Facebreaker

Firewind - The fire and the fury

hellsing jump da f*ck up! (soulfly)

Draugnim - Will Dawn Rise Again

Brutal Rebirth - War's Not For The Weak

death angel - the ultra violence (full song)

death angel - the ultra violence (full song)

Dark Order - Beasts Within

cataract - blackest hour

Catamenia - Cavalcade

Breach The Void - Propagate

blink-182 - I Miss You

Blind Passenger - Grey Sunday

Black Sleep of Kali - There is Nothing

Banner Pilot- Skeleton Key

Bad Religion- American Jesus

Bad Religion- American Jesus

Backyard Babies-Minus Celsius

Axel Rudi Pell - Temple of the king

Avantasia ~ Dying for an Angel

Audioslave Show Me How To Live



As I Lay Dying - "The Sound of Truth"

As I Lay Dying - "The Sound of Truth"

Anthrax Antisocial

anvil...metal to metal

virgin steele.....invictus

municipal waste....the art of partying

Morbid Angel - Where The Slime Live

misyaken element....fractal

Misfits - American Psycho

lake of tears...island earth

kreator....pleasure to kill


Hatebreed - "Destroy Everything" - clip officiel

funeral for a friend....rose for the dead


dream quest....anthem of the world

devildrivers....cloud over california

Obssy - Tears in the Sand

archeon.............ruins of life

soilwork.....20 more miles

blood stain child.....freedoom

dream evil....blind evil

sklipnot dead memorie

avenged sevenfold....afterlife

killswitch engage .....rose of charyn



machine heah.....imperium

lamb of god...rednecks

from autum to ashes....reflections


bring me the horizon

architects...follow the water


sonic syndicate....powershift


bullet for my valentine.....waking the demon

heaven shall burn......endzeit

type o negative......love to death

lacuna coil i like it

beautiful sin....spark of ignation

atrocity....cold black years

dream theater....forsaken

muppet death métal

aera 51 ....les anges

vanden plas

iron maiden...dance of death

amon amarth....runes to my memories

drak revenge

metal safari kou


eisbrecher ohne dich

pets of the fall

elfen lied this is halloween

metallica fade to black

macbeth gothic metal ballad

primal fear ....metal is forever

amaseffer....slaves for life

sawlegen.....street of agrabah

pagan's mind....alien kamikaze

lacuna coil


unsun ......whisperers

arch ennemy..............we will rising

samael......the cross.........avec le clip du film underworld

The gathering...saturnine

Hinder ...lips of an angel

rammstein...feuer frei

le triste sire

lacrimosa allein zu zweit soustitré en espagnol