une petite ballade au pays inconnu

une petite ballade au pays inconnu

ballade gothique

un de mes univers............

antony and the johnson bird

BOARDS OF CANADA IT'S ok; you are ok



Tipper - Illabye

Beautiful Chinese Music - Bamboo Flute

Depressed Gothic Music †

Coeur de Pirate - Place de la République

C'était salement romantique - Cœur de Pirate - Live@Home

sweet mix :)

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Ed Sheeran "I See Fire" [HD]

WIRTZ unplugged "Geschichten ohne Sieger"

Mattia Cupelli - Love & Loss

Dancing In The Rain Composer : Mylatestfantasy

Dreams - Sad Piano Violin Music

My Silent Cry - Beautiful violin music

Memories of Days Gone By (Original)-by PJ GRAND

Heaven's Lullaby

Away - Dark Emotional Piano

"Shining Star" - Thierry Verheyen

Emotional Sad Music

TheRickymh - Tears of the Night

"Cold" - Jorge Méndez

Lost but not forgotten

Apocalypse The Second World War 

Fatal Nostalgia - Time Will Eat Itself

Lotte Kestner - Wrestler (official)

Lotte Kestner - Compasses

Essáy • 'A Cold Day'

Красивая музыка


la petite faucheuse

Nox Arcana - The Rose Of Winter

Nadine Shah - Dreary Town

Eternal Tears of Sorrow - The River Flows Frozen

Tears Of Magdalena - October Rust

sad piano

Daily Bread - The Conflict (video)

Inspirative - You

Blueneck - Lilitu

Ilya - Guilty Kisses

I Am The Architect - Walk In Regret

Sleep Dealer - The way home

The Polar Dream - Endless Tales

The Myth 神话 Shen Hua - Endless Love (Piano by Kai Ming)

Endless Love {Piano Version} | Beautiful Piano

Sleep, Azure Ray *with lyics*

Azure Ray- Look to me

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts

Azure Ray-Safe and Sound

i am waiting for you last summer- sleep

All My Faith Lost... - Angelike Subtitulado Español

Elane - My Ivory Fairy

Marissa Nadler - Ghosts & Lovers

Love Spirals Downwards - Kykeon

Slowdive - When the Sun Hits

Purity Ring - Fineshrine

Angus And Julia Stone - Draw Your Swords

Moddi - Smoke

Tango with Lions ~ In a Bar

Brian Crain - Wind

Apocynthion - Correlations (2012)

Mono - Halo

inception by michael ortega

gothic- άγνωστος καλητέχνης.wmv

Fernanda Myfair--Black Tears

Vampire † gothic Piano

Dorantes... En la puerta de salida

Ashram - Tango

Muñecas goticas ~ Piano Gotico ~ Yuki Kajura ~

Hymn of the Apocalypse [Extended RMX] ~ GRV Music - Jo Blankenburg

nicos... Carol's Theme

Serkan Cagri... "Rüya"

turkish sad music

Sad Melody...

Axerousia "voices"

nyctalgia... nyctalgia

the best pessimist... forgive me

Yanni - Samvel Yervinian Violin armenian

Yehudi Menuhin & Ravi Shankar: Tenderness

Andrea Bauer - Rondo for Gangaji


Orkidea - Radio Unity 024 (The Xmas Chill Piano Trance Mix) (2010-12-15)

Lullacry - Stay (Sub. en Español) [HD]

A piano version of the song "Ignore the Machine" from the band Alien Sex Fiend

safe by thomas smith

Winter Sonata - Only You (Piano & Violin Instrumental)

a piece of peace

Dark haunting violin : Grave Song by Max Ablitzer

Gothic Piano music ..

First And Last And Always (syster of mercy cover)

two step for hell

Come, Little Children

A Vampire's Lullaby

Saturnus - All Alone

Sound of an Angel

Música Oscura

Inocent Child By Arcana


The Everlasting Symphony

Away - Dark Emotional Piano

Departure Of The Souls {Mahafsoun}

Rebecca Kragnes - Kiss from a Rose

Amy Skjei - Leap of Faith

Dorantes "Niñez"

Aura noctis Live @ Semana Gótica Madrid 2011 [Museo Del Romanticismo]

Amy Lauren - Midnight Song

Muñecas goticas ~ Piano Gotico ~ Yuki Kajura ~

Victoria Frances Misty Circus 1.-.Original Art Exhibition

Victoria Francés Art.-.Favole 3.Frozen Light

Victoria Francés Art.-.Favole 2.Free Me

Victoria Francés Art.-.Favole 1.Stone Tears

Victoria Francés Clown Lovers 2008

♥♫♥ moonlight ♥♫♥ Equilibrium ڿڰۣ-♥ڰۣڿڰۣPAUL MOTTRAM

Endless Sorrow - Your Memory Is A Scar

Safe in Your Embrace - Kevin Kern

Lantlos - Zwei, Die Sich Halten

Beautiful Gothic Piano - Winter´s Embrace (Prelude)

Noctem Aeternus, By: Midnight Syndicate

A Kiss Before Dawn

Lynette's Theme - Wedding Music (gothic)

Afecto - Farewell

Broken Wings - Beautiful Piano Music

Angus And Julia Stone - All Of Me

The White Birch ~ Breathe

Hungry Ghosts - Nothing Has To Happen

Vello Leaf - Long Way

Dirk Ehlert - Splendid_ Vocals by Carie van Heden.

"Eveyrthing Dies"Dalibor Krigovský

Soulless- Jorge Méndez

Ludovico Einaudi - Primavera


La Fragile Mort - Proyecto Oniric

ryandan...-Only this, last time- ♥∞Sad story with sad-beautiful music∞♥

The Blurry Picture - Robert Double

adagio by james bernhard

Time changed everything" by Nyctalgia (Silvio Pfiffner)

William.R.Perrins - sorrow-

Roy Todd

Sound of an Angel - Beautiful violin music

Nox Arcana - Night of the Wolf

Ordinary Brainwash - Disorder In My Head

Neptune Towers - The Arrival At Empire Algol

Yasmin Levy - Adio Kerida

Ofra Haza - Adiós querida

Jewish-Sephardic song, Flory Jagoda - Durme Durme

I Miss You

Dreary Ballerina

Winter Walk by David Nevue.

Isaac Shepard - Memories Never Fade

Rob Costlow - Forbidden


Dream of Flying by Brian Crain.

Sad Piano - Dance of the Dead

Modlitwa Anioła

Na twarzy uśmiech, a w sercu ból...

Smutna melodia.

Die Schlossorgel (Klaviermelodie des Spukschlosses im EP)

: Yiruma

melancholic melody


Melody Of Heart

Melodic sad piano

Stanfour - Life Without You ft. Esmée Denters

Caspian - Vienna

Bersarin Quartett - Im Lichte des Anderen

nicos.... Sad Instrumental Music

Beautiful Peaceful Sad Piano Music - (Original) Gabrielle Aapri


Life In Reverse

~Diary for an Angel ♥

"Snowbird" - Slow Sad Classical Piano Music


Broken Violin (very sad romance with violin and piano)

Beautiful Sad Music- A Way to Cry

Very beautiful Cello melody

Innocence - Romantic Spanish Guitar

Melodic sad piano

"Lost Inside"

شعر مع موسيقى حزينه

Ming Yue ian Li Ji Xiang Si by Wu Ying Yin.


: Creation's Tears- odyssey

: Helen Jane Long -expression

Лики Войны (Face of war)

It's Hard to Say Goodbye- Sad Piano Music (Gothic Art)

Eivør Pálsdóttir - Sweet sweet song

Gothic Music - The Forgotten Love

Kenshin (Violin of Sad memories)

for love

the end


lunae lumem-forget

Swallow the Sun - This Cut Is The Deepest

bloody lullaby


Johnny Hollow Human Lullaby

Aster-Fairies' Sadness Lullaby

Gothic Lullaby

THE RAIN, THE PIANO (Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam)

Dark music - Vampirical

NIGHT RAIN : Jim Brickman

Ludovico Einaudi Nuvole Bianche (Original)

A Vampire's Lullaby

darkplain - final rose

Heavens - Love Will Tear us Apart (HQ)

THE SWEET------ dream on

Colour Blind _: Counting Crows

Colour Blind _: Counting Crows

Sad Piano - Fairy Tail

Gothic Pianos - Dark Flower - Reflection In The Water

i wish

Mediavolo - Dr Quayle

Mediavolo - Dr Quayle

Fleur - Ukol

Die Happy- Blue

G.I.E.Z - Gothic Engel (music Video)

Jennifer Rostock: "Irgendwo Anders" -

Jupiter Jones - STILL

another gothic dream

eternal gothic dreams

Emily Browning - Asleep

Emily Browning - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) [From "Sucker Punch"]

THE SWEET------ dream on

Moshimoss - Slow Days It Was Super

Piano Magic ~ Postal

Hungry Ghosts - I Don't Think About You Anymore But, I Don't Think About You Anyless

The Best Pessimist - Walking With Happiness

Decode - Me,You & Pain

Cults - You Know What I Mean

Mad at me- One dimensional Man

Pianochocolate - New Day

No Clear Mind - Static

Saddest Breakup Songs

Songe d'une forêt écarlate

turkish sad music

La ballade de Mélodie (piano version)

Heartless - The Fray (Cover)

After Forever - Lonely (Sub. Español)

Coeur De Pirate Adieu Live Session

Profane Grace - Transmutation Of Flesh Into Dream

Atrium Carceri End Titles dark ambient

Imperia - Angelchild

Vladimir Hirsch -In hoc Signo

dark ambient

visions of a dream

Golden Key - Isgaard

Who am i to say

Daniel Dimitri - The Last Battle

Per Te

Daniel Dimitri - Frozen Rose

Daniel Dimitri - Frozen Rose

Elemental - Moonrising

Gothic Music - The Everlasting Symphony

piano violon yuriko nakamura long

Black Keys - lonely boy

Pelican - Autumn Into Summer

Aeternum Sacris - Healing Your Soul

Those were the days (The original Russian song) - Дорогой длинною

Amethystium - Elegy

Gothic Music †

осень.киев (Keiko Matsui - Midnight Stone)

Вивальди...Зима. (Artiste : Berliner Philharmoniker, Eberhard Finke, Herbert von Karajan, Horst Gobel & Michel Schwalbé. "The Four Seasons: Violin Concerto in F Minor, RV 297, "L'inve

The Daydream - I miss you

Sadness Piano & Violin - "The Autumn Falls - October" Music by Vadim Kiselev

Sarah Brightman -Beautiful

Gothica - Spirits of the Death

Nox Arcana - Out Of The Mist

The Forgotten Tale

Princes Of The Forest

violin goth noir.flv

Noa Babayof - Before Sleep

Phaeleh - Think About It

Sunn O))) - Church Dust

Mystic Prophecy - Ravenlord

Chris Cornell - Preaching The End Of The World

widow of a living man


Emika - Double Edge

Crystal Castles - Not In Love ft. Robert Smith of The Cure

Azure Ray - November


Fairytale - Yorick

Sweet Gothic Sorrow

Gothic Pianos - Dark Flower - Reflection In The Water

Gothic The Empty Stare (Artiste : Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows "The Conqueror Worm II" )

Valveuni - Kuiskaus

Hammock- Birds Flying Sequence

Kauan - Valveuni

AS AUTUMN CALLS - Resignation

Whispering Forest - Shine of Lethe

Pia Shyam

Fiona - Badge Of Love

Röyksopp - What Else Is There ?

Ace Of Base - Beautiful Morning(High Quality)

Awake - Secondhand Serenade

when angels cry (Janis Ian)

Silent Sound - Nightfall

cry to angels (Idiom of Sad)

Melody of Life

Very Sad piano song breathtaking

The Sad Fairy

tristeza y soledad

Song title: 屆かぬ想い from School Days(anime) OST.1(PS2 Game version)

Piano Songs Never Give Up! Piano( kay tokner)

A sad piano song

For my pain

You Are So Beautiful - Romantic Piano Love Songs

The one you love

Arwen- darkness, sweetness, sadness, weakness

3 - High Times [The Ghost You Gave To Me]

Nihiling - Not even close to your understanding of ...

Dear Euphoria - Coming down

Golden Kanine-Climb official video

Renaissance - Black Flame

Norihiro Tsurue - Last Carnival [Acoustic Cafe]

Sad Piano - Solitude

Sad music for violin and piano

Uttara-Kuru - Wintry Wind

Gothic Music - Sad ballad melancholy

Eilera - The angel you love, the angel you hate

Gothic End

heart ... wild child

âme perdue

Art Gothique - E Nomine - Das Rad Des schicksals

Cibelle - Sad Piano

Scarborough Fair Chinese Instrumental

Piano Instrumental Chinese Song - Anthonitus Spurgeon

nice travel

Sad Piano Song - July composed by http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/kathleen-spencer/id219173996

EZEL (sad piano violin)

Sad Piano Song 1

Missing You ---- Romantic(chanson en arabe)

Sad Cello with Piano Accompaniment

anabantha-eres tu

Sad Beautiful Piano Cello music

The Sisters Of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection [Music Video]

The Sisters Of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection [Music Video]

♫ Blackmore´s Night - Ghost of a Rose (lyric) ♫

gothic romance

Gott trocknet deine tränen ab

Auge im Sturm

kiss our angel

Angel of the Dark! (Einige, tolle Bilder von Engeln! Mit dem Lied Leberatio! Und die Rechte liegen selbstverständlich bei Krypteria, von denen ist nämlich das Lied! einfach schön!)

fallen angel(second version)

Gothic (joy dision))

Xandria - In Love With the Darkness

Silentium - Painless

Goth Music Forever ( XIII. Století)

Gothic Choir

Beautiful - Sad - Goth - Music... etheral

Sad beautiful goth music

Poemsofthesoul - Heartbeat - A sad love poem

Drifting - A Sad, Gothic Love Poem

Apoptygma Berzerk - Love To Blame (Official Music Video)

The Essence - Hate (HQ)

Sad Lovers and Giants - Your Skin and Mine (HQ)

Gothic Hearts

Bertine Zetlitz - If You Were Mine

Nάνι το γαρούφαλλό μου (Greek lullaby) Νανούρισμα Χατζιδάκις

Clelia Vega - Stories People Have (Are Not To Tell)

DORO - Herzblut (2009) - Version I

INDICA - In Passing

Wiccan lullaby(Lady of the Flowing Waters)

Poets of the Fall - Carnival of Rust (Special Edition HD Remaster)

Gothic Piano

+(sad music )+

Late Night Alumni - Beautiful

Wiccan Lullaby

Euryale - a moment of loneliness ©

Instrumental music - The garden

Celtic dark music - Faraway

Gothic instrumental music

Song for broken hearts

Sad Song sorrow music - dark angels

Natasha Bedingfield - Angel


:Golgatha: - Fertility (Official Videoclip)


Beautiful Piano Music by Miranda Wong

for friends

Beautiful Piano Song !!!

Piano Love Song( for her...)

cat power


Bloody Mary

Hannah Fury - Away

Gothic Metal Ballads 3

Mina Harker - Engel

Very Sad Inspiring song || Remember Me || Dedicated to the Soldiers

Sad/Gothic Anime Hello

Sad Gothic Girls

dizzygotheca 1000

Tales From The Dead Poet (Chapter 3) - Sacrifice (The End )

Guardians of Freedom ~ GRV Music [Prelude to Calamity]

For A True Love

The silent force de Zero Project

'Expect to see' de Pascal Ser' Jacobs

Memories with the Moon [Violin]

Eilera - Inside my cave


es tut mir leid

I'm sorry


l'âme Immortelle Last Unicorn

Ordo Funebris- Lycanthia

Trobar de morte- In Nomine Filius Mortis

Engelsstaub - Victim of love

violin goth noir

Gothic Angels

Je Te Souhaite - Natasha St.Pier

Natasha St-Pier - Quand On Cherche L'Amour

Natasha St-Pier - Tu Trouveras

Smutna melodia.


black cat

if time give me more time...


Love Story Instrumental

Instrumental Guitar Solo

Instrumental Music



piano music

Crying by Paul Collier(

Sad Beautiful Instrumental Music - Piano, Violin, Cello (Original Composition)

Lin Hai - Deep autumn

Shin Wo's sad love story-My heart will go on piano ver.

Sad Love Story MV - Love Triangle

Calum Hall - Visions - 2011

childhood___ frozen silence

go out and love someone.

gothic girl.

APH Russia Für Immer-Unheilig

Valentine's Day AMV

Gravity of Love - Enigma - Dirge of Cerberus

Requiem for the Nameless Dead

Danny Elfman ___introduction

Empyrium ___ Dying Brokenheart

Destroyed Vioiln Beat ( Dark Rap Instrumental )

when angels scream.

whispering in the dark


Ancient splendor

Clint Mansell - Death is the Road to Awe.

Dark music - Vampirical

Dark gothic instrumental music

i rave a dream

Lycia - Sleepless

Dark Flower - Reflection In The Water

Crystal Rain

Beautiful Gothic Music - My Fading Love

Relaxing Music ( Instrumental Piano )

Kinder im Warschauer Ghetto / Children in the Warsaw Ghetto

Kinderjohren yiddish song from Cracow.....pourquoi?

Chava Alberstein - Melache Meluche.....in yiddish :)

Kinderjohren yiddish song from Cracow

LEO FULD " The king of yiddish songs"

Papirosen - Mirel Reznic - Yiddish music

my dream

Amélie....it's your love maybye....

Amélie....it's your love maybye....

Yiddish Song "Geven Amol Iz A Shtetl

My Yiddishe Mama


Winter sonata - Only you

Winter Sonata - My Memory (piano + violin)

Sad Song

a light into darkness....

beautiful song

Schindler's List.....no one is innocent....


The Last Sad Song (Original Composition)

en turc....VERY Sad Love Song


Instrumental Piano

piano magique

"Anything For You" Sad Inspiring Romantic Piano Beat


"Last Goodbye" Sad Romantic Piano Beat

"Together Forever" Sad Inspiring Romantic Piano Beat


Natalie Walker - Colorblind

Mouchette - Sinking Stones

Sadness Piano Song - "Alone In The Dark" Music by Vadim Kiselev

Damaged ~ Plumb


Delerium - Gothic Lamentation

Tarja Turunen - Oasis

Rachel's - Water From the Same Source

Rachel's - Water From the Same Source

Library Tapes - And The Rain Did Fall

Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings

Dark Music with Beautiful Chorus

sadness gothic picture and nice piano music

Haunting, Ethereal Cello Music by Adam Hurst...for my my memories

Gothic Dolls (Dollfie, Pullip, Dal, J-Doll)

Candace Tkac - Apres un Reve (Faure)


♫ A Sad Arabic Song for broken hearts ♫

Celtic/Gothic Music-Wo ist meine Welt(ElfenWald)

Mr. Big - To Be With You

Kingdom Come - What Love Can Be

Waltz of the flowers - sad romantic piano love song

Beautiful Piano Song - The heart asks for pleasure first - Michael Nyman

Faruu - A calm piano piece with violin

Lullaby - Brad White and Pierre Grill (Romantic Piano Piece)

Instrumental Piano ( Love Story )

she have broken my heart

un superbe morceau

Go To Sleep - sinky james

Theme of Tears

Love me

Kiss the Rain - Yiruma

"The Soloist"

"Tears in the Rain"

Beautiful Piano Music

Sign of Emergence - Oneirophrenia

Sad Song very sorrow - Arabic Music

Sad, sweet Cello

Sad Cello Solo

Sad Cello Melody

Sad Beautiful Piano Cello music

Gothic Sadness

Sadness...pilot speed:....into the west

CRANES - Beautiful Sadness

Sadness & Winter

Gothic Sad Piano- My Dying Hours

Dark Drone - Suicidium

Art Noir - Silent Green

Öröm ~ Csondben..

Northaunt ~ A Funeral Inside...

Haley Westenra - Dark Waltz

Gothic Winter

The Gothic Lullaby

Love woke me up

Danny Norbury - Light in August

Priscilla Ahn - Dream (Official Video)

The Tiny - Last Weekend (HQ)

Sad Beautiful Piano Cello music

Beautiful Gothic Music

e nomine...esperitu del aire

Forseti - Wind

Cuirina - Sternblumennacht

Der See Des Vergessens_cuirina

Ashes of the Innocent

Victoria Francés Pierrot

Atmosphere - Proyecto Oniric

Ophelia's Dream - Lady Magdalen

Novembers Doom - Autumn Reflection

Silent Cry - Enigmatic

Ophelia's Crown - Autumn Tears

ARCANA - Angel of Sorrow

Andrei Machado__ después de muertos

You must wake up

Die Weisse Rose - As The Last Of The Petals Are Shattered

Masquerade Circus - Murien's Heart

Otto Dix - орфей

Abandoned Toys - Spiraling into the sun (neoclassical music)

casper theme pianotune

Via The End (Piano Version) - Gothic Slideshow - Deathstars

bella´s lullaby


Tenebrae Noctis - 02. Nox Tenebrarum

Mysterious Gothic Love

une petite merveille

Mysterious gothic piano music

Gothic & Piano

Sad piano/cello music

EMBRYO (Emotional orchestral music)

sinead o'connor-tears from the moon

Cultured Pearls - Just to Let You Know

goth angels cry

Seasons End - Ghost In My Emotion

A Day To Remember - Since U Been Gone

30 Seconds To Mars - Closer To The Edge

ghost brigade....into the the black light

كلام مسمعتهوش

Jose Molina - Mi tristeza

ذاك_الجمال_(خاطره)_ومعنى (Cette beauté _ (pensées) _ et le sens)

still the one

Zanzibar - "Üj Napra Ébredsz"

kiss me...come to me....touch me...

beautiful melody

within temptation....le chant du cygne

hannah fury....vampire's waltz

the moon whisperer.....prophecy


marry me

lost balance__dragon

soul in sadness


costanza...i've been waiting for you

gothic sadness song

mysterious gothic love

blue rose

lost balance....dragon

the sacrifice

music and photography

mea requies

au piano...


beautiful music with picture of manga

une petite douceur

une véritable beauté

beautiful piano

stoa.......i held the moon

orplid.....auf deine lider senk ich schlummer

elend....moon of amber

ingrid michelson....can't help falling in love with you

five finger death punh.....far from home

aghast...dark ritual music

raison d'être ....slow ascent

terra sancta...cold ligth infusion

desiderii marginis....soul lost

raison d'être ....falling twiligth


tarja turunen


diary of dreams...tears of laugther

elis...come to me

sonata nocturna....last down

nemesea....the way i feel

mortal love....i want to die


ballad violin

a song.....beautiful....with a dark universe

liv kristine....fake a smile

liv kristine....deux ex machina

nox arcana ....annabel lee

clan of xymos.......skindeep

mortal love............i make a mistake

sad violin...2

tears of sorrow

elegion scars

dark sanctuary l'autre monde


arts of victoria frances

sad violin

emiliana torrini to be free

keren ann....end of may

lady and bird....la ballade

poeme nostalgia

beautiful travel in dark side

if you you'll be my bird.....gregory and the hawk

a black rose

secret garden

slow piano

tacere beautiful darkness

idiom to sad

sad beautiful gothic song

the church.....lulluby (silent hill)[akira yamaoka]

yanni adagio in c minor

expression helen jane long

joy dision new dawn fades

travel in yours minds

sad piano song

yanni almost on whisperer





gothic travel

dark sanctuary...............summoning the muse

h.i.m.............deep me inside


enya.......... my it be

a gothic dream.........fatal angel

piano magique

jolie musique

Une beauté

Jolie escapade....Nocturna- by Anabantha... in galatian :)

Piano triste

Une petite visite de dresde...

A gothic romance

une petite plongée dans le dark ambient

lacrimosa...sombre voyage...